Neil’s Sarap BBQCreating favor experiences like no other!
About Neil
My Name is Neil (neilsarap on social media) I have been cooking and grilling for over 35 years. Food and feeding others is my passion.
I was born and raised in Florida. When I am not working, I am spending time with my wife and daughter, and running my seasoning company.
My biggest motivation is the feedback I get from others that are eating my food or using my products, that’s what drives me to continue developing new flavor profiles, and hopefully continuing to help teach others how to cook delicious foods, and share my love for barbecue.
I like to cook on all types of grills and cookers, my favorite is live fire indirect and over the fire cooking. my favorite things to grill are Korean style kalbi beef short ribs and Filipino barbecue pork sticks.
Speaking of Filipino, “Sarap” in Neil’s Sarap BBQ is the Filipino word for Delicious, it is a tribute to my wife and my love for Filipino food.

Dayum! How did it all start?
I have always liked using and experimenting with spices and herbs. In the summer of 2018 I was developing my pork and chicken rub and gave some samples for friends to try and it was a big hit. It was suggested that I “should bottle this stuff and sell it”. Well, here we are today with a dozen varieties of my favorite flavor profiles, for anything you could possibly want to smoke, barbecue, grill or cook.

My primary focus when developing each flavor is balance. Getting the right balance of sweet, salty, savory, sour and even umami is the key. Using the freshest ingredients, the size, weight, and shape of every ingredient must be carefully accounted for to achieve the best result and flavor experience.

But what should I call it?
After I finished tweaking the recipe, I stood in my kitchen thinking what should I call this rub? so, I decided to try a pinch of it, and see what was the first thing that comes to mind… “Dayum!, that’s good!” so Dayum! (originally Pork & Poultry rub) Seasoning & Rub was born. From there we kicked it up a bit and got Hot Dayum! and it’s been growing ever since. We now have distribution in Canada, UK and ship to any international location.