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Mediterranean Wagyu Beef Kabobs

Mediterranean Wagyu Beef Kabobs

By Ukulele Jay BBQ IG: @ukulelejaybbq
Wagyu Beef Kabob Style for this dish just means it's cubed and will look like it came off the grill.  While you can grill these to finish them, I show a pan technique to make these delicious pieces of Wagyu Beef take on new flavors and create a WOW dish for your friends and family.  This is a great dish for a finger food at a tailgate or precursor to any party.
Course Main Course
Cuisine Mediterranean



TOTAL TIME: 45 hours
PREP TIME: 15 minutes
SOUS VIDE TIME: 43 hours at 131ºF
2lb Chuck Meat Cubed (Wagyu or other)
8T Neil’s Sarap Mediterranean Rub ( )
1T White Sesame Seeds
1T chives
• Place your meat inside a ziploc bag.
• Add Rub, seal bag and shake well.
• Place rub coated meat into sous vide bag.
• Seal Bag in vacuum sealer (or use immersion method).
* Place in Sous Vide heated to 131ºF and let sit for 48 hours (40-48hrs) depends on how tender you want it.
• Remove from sous vide bag (save gravy in bag).
• Dry off beef cubes.
• Heat Hexclad or Non-stick pan MH heat.
• Heat 2T olive oil in pan.
• Brown meat in pan for 30 seconds side 1.
• Flip and brown side 2 fo 15 seconds.
• Remove from pan and garnish with white sesame seeds and chives.
• Pour gravy over beef cubes (optional) or serve as dipping sauce (dipping is fun!).
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